Vernon Parish, Louisiana

Date: 02/26/2009

Weather: Rain that night & next 2 days

Time: Late afternoon

Nearest City: Leesville/Ft Polk

State: Louisiana

Highway: Near Fort Polk, Hwy 171 corridore.

Nearby water source: 2 seasonal creeks, 1 flowing creek

What happened: I had a game camera in a food plot about 100 yrd behind our house this past winter. The camera was attached to a 3/4" PVC pipe about 4-41/2' off the ground in the middle of the food plot. The camera was facing the N-NW towards the direction were several deer trails enter the food plot. Due to the weather the camera was left out for 2 weeks before being checked. While checking & deleting the pictures, my wife noticed something on the edge of 1 picture. On the extreme left side of the frame there was what appears to be long, nappy hair of something upright & tall. The camera has a 30 second delay, so whatever triggered it, was almost out of the frame. No tracks were found due to the weather & length of time before checking the camera.

Terrain: Wooded Private Property

Activities: N/A

Any Prior Sightings: Yes. We have been aware something comes around our area about twice a year for 3 years. Contact me far further info. It has done some strange, almost "childish" things.

Any sound: Yes. Woodknocks, whistles & grunts.

Odors: Yes

Any farms nearby: No

Witness provided evidence, photos or drawings: Yes, a game camera photo. I sent to the TexLa researcher.

Investigator Report:

We are currently working to setup a visit to this location, we have attached his photo to this report below. If we get anything more of interest after our visit we will update this space with those findings.

Highslide JS
Game Camera photo captured in February, 2009 in Vernon Parish, Louisiana showing something hairy along the edge of the photo.