These recordings have been captured during various research outings in the past 6 years. While they are not conclusive proof, we strongly suspect that more than one of these are the target species (Sasquatch). These were all recorded using our dropbox technique, where we have modified a water resistant pool case to house an Digital Voice Recorder inside with a small omni-directional mic plugging in via a hole in the bottom of the case. Click here to view the page regarding these recorders. We place these in trees spread out anywhere from 100 yards to 1.5 miles from the call broadcast point. The technique was originally designed to give us a wide net for capturing vocal responses, they were not envisioned with the idea of capturing things walking up to and inspecting the recording hardware in the middle of the night. Yet this has happened multiple times over the past several years that we have been using this technique. In most cases we are in very remote locations (sometimes on personal property) with restricted disclosure and access to our location, making human presence highly unlikely as the source (though not impossible). We have included a brief write up with each of these so that the reader has some understanding of the situation. If you have a comment about any of these please feel free to use the "Contact Us" page on the menu above. This will forward an email with your comments, we will only respond to your input if you include a return email address and you ask us to contact you.

1. These were recorded over the nights of April 4th-7th, 2013

This outing was in one of our hotspots in Louisiana, the outing participants began arriving on Thursday April 4th and according to our audio recorders we had camp visitors on each of the nights that we were onsite. Some of these occurred while we were not in camp and others where we were congregated near the fire pit some distance away from the tents and still others after we had all retired for the night.

The first recording was taken after all researchers had retired for the night on April 4th, 2013.

The second recording was taken on the evening of April 5th, at this point we are still around the camp fire about 100 yards away.

The third recording was taken on the evening of April 5th, as we were preparing to leave camp. You will hear something walking into one of camps which were dark, then as one of the researchers approach their tent about 70 feet away it decides that it needs to move to cover in the nearby wood line.

The fourth recording was taken on the evening of April 5th, after we have left camp. Other than some cars, tents, tables, chairs and recorders the camp is empty.

On the morning of the 6th of April a brief review of one of the recorders alerted us to the fact that we were having nightly visits to our camp. We used this information to come up with a plan for Saturday night, it was decided that we would setup a spare tent and leave one of our researchers behind secretly concealed in the tent as a camp spy. Research information coming from other groups postulates that these creatures may not be very good at keeping track of the coming and going of numerous people and may lose track of a person in the shuffle. We tried this tactic in this case as most of us went about making preparations to leave for a round of call blasting and road running, the designated camp spy was prepping to stay behind with Gen 2 night scope attached to a camcorder, parabolic dish and recorder as well as spotlight and weapon for protection if needed. Shortly after 10PM, all but one left and the camp fell silent and dark as Operation Camp Spy began. The audio below is what was captured during this effort.

The 6th recording was captured about 30 minutes after the one above and happened just a few minutes before some of the researchers whom had been doing a road running effort retured to check on the lone researher left in camp.

The 7th recording was captured after all team members had returned to camp and had turned in for the night.

2. Recorded in East Texas on the morning of 1-26-13 1:21am

This was recorded on an outing to East Texas, in the Davey Crockett National Forest. A recorder was hung baited with Peanut Butter and a game camera was placed to watch for anything approaching the setup. The audio below was captured from this setup, and mysteriously the game camera again failed to fire on whatever this was but did take pics of us the next day when we retrieved the recorder.

3. Recorded in South Central Louisiana on March 10th-13th 2011.

We had alot of close walk up activity happening this weekend, the events below were subsequently caught on our audio recorders and we have broken down the audio by day. Starting with Thursday evening March 10th, 2011:

The time for this was around 8PM, the team members had left camp to deploy audio at another location within the research area. While they were gone audio was left running and captured something rummaging through their belongings and from the sounds it seems is attempting to open some of the storage boxes.

Friday night audio March 11th/12th 2011:

The audio from 8:50PM shows very pronounced bipedal walking, duration of that visit was about 2 minutes. Whatever this was appeared to be just passing through the area of the recorder, which was baited with Peanut Butter and had a Cuddeback Capture game camera watching the baited area. The audio from 1:52AM is from a location where the Peanut butter, that had been left was nearly completely consumed from the side of the tree. The duration of that visit was 21 minutes, pictures of what was left in the morning can be seen here.

Saturday Night audio March 12th/13th 2011:

This audio is from a location where we had used Hotdogs as bait, both of the Hotdogs were missing the next day including the one that we had speared onto a small limb 5ft off the ground. The duration of the visit is 45 minutes, the time that this creature comes walking up is 8:45PM. We have included 2 5 minute clips from this event that demonstrate the bipedal movement of the visitor. The Base camp audio in the list below is from early Sunday morning 3-13-2011 after everyone had retired for the night.

4. Recorded in East Texas on the morning of 2-21-10 at 03:24AM

For this outing we returned to private property in Anderson County, Texas. This property was visited last year by the group and had produced several unidentified vocalizations and strange tree formations. Since the beginning of deer season 2009 the property owner has found 15 inch human looking tracks showing 5 toes on at least 2 occasions around newly installed deer feeders. The team is now reviewing hundreds of hours of audio that was recorded over the 3 nights we were there. The files below are a walk up that was captured on the morning of 2-21-10, the visit lasts 12 minutes and is broken into 2 files to make downloading easier. This area of Anderson County has widely spaced ranchs and homesteads interspersed with large stands of forest. The private ranch we visited is about 2000 acres. In the files below you will hear something very heavy come up and sniff around the recorder hanging 6ft off the ground.

5. Recorded in East Texas on the morning of 5-4-08 at 3:36AM

This recording was captured in one of our research areas in East Texas. The movement that you will hear as the creature approaches and when leaving sounds pretty bipedal to us, we feel that there is no doubt that the following can be eliminated as the possible culprit: deer, hog, coyote, armadillos, rabbits, skunks, squirrels, opossums as well as all known birds in the area. The recorder placed at this location was hanging at 6 1/2 feet off the ground and only one researcher in the party knew its exact location. Peanut Butter was used as an attractant and was smeared into the bark of the tree 5 to 6 feet off the ground just below the recorder location. Given the remoteness of the property, the time of night and that there is only one way in, other than the river itself we feel this makes it highly unlikely to be a human. We will let the reader decide how willing a human might be to ingest a food substance from an unknown source off of a random tree in a remote section of private property at 3:36AM in the morning. At several points in the recording you will hear the creature licking the bait off the tree during which you can hear the roughness of this creatures tongue. The five files below consist of the cut down version which has a duration of about 3 minutes and the full audio of 35 minutes has cut into 4 parts. Parts 1-4 are about 9 megabytes each and may need a couple of minutes to download and start depending on your connection speed.

6. Recorded in East Texas on the morning of 5-4-08 at 12:38AM

Recording number 5 was captured in one of our research areas in East Texas. This recorder was baited to see if we could pull anything to it in this area using a aromatic food bait, we had tried some other forms of baiting such as Glo-sticks in this area before without much success. What you will hear is something walking on what sounds like 2 feet, it will approach and start sniffing in the area of the recorder which was hanging in a tree at a height 6 1/2 feet. This was recorded on remote private property at 12:38AM and was the second night we were onsite.

7. Recorded in South Central Louisiana on 3-22-08 at 5AM.

Recording number 4 was captured back in our research area in Louisiana. There were 7 people in our camp this night and all were in their tents or cars sleeping at 5AM when this was recorded by a drop box recorder placed just at the edge of camp not more than 15 yards from the nearest tent. The next day we found and cast a print also in close proximity to our camp. This recording exhibits something walking in the vacinity of the recorder, to us it sounds bipedal. We had recorded incidents of this nature in this area before just not right at our base camp.

8. Recorded in East Texas in the Neches River corridor on 5-19-07 at 9:39PM

This recording was made about 2.5 miles west of the Neches River, on property that is used as part of a hunting lease. They had recently clear-cut an area that included a good size hill, so we setup with our large parabolic dishes and call blaster at the top of the hill. This clear-cut gave us a great vista to the West with the closest wood line being about 300 yards away at the bottom of the hill. We put out 4 drop boxes this night, 3 along the wood line to our west and one up on a hill side to our back (East). This recording starts at approx. 21:38 hours we had call blasted the Ohio Howl at 21:00. This capture from the recording starts several minutes after we noticed movement close to the microphone, it gradually moved closer, until finally it starts a direct bipedal approach on the box and walks right up. The creature spends several minutes checking out the box then it will move in to start sniffing it! Could this be human? We doubt it, for several reasons, there were no indications that there were any humans anywhere near us, as in parked cars, ATV noises, voices, gun fire, heavy equipment, music. No nearby houses and no hunting season. Would a human sniff a plastic refrigerator box with obvious mic and recorder inside? And finally, we had direct line of sight to this box location, we feel that a human would have had to use some type of illumination to navigate this area, we did not see any flashlights being used.

9. Recorded in South Central Louisiana on 3-25-07 at 1AM

This recording was made near a pipeline clear-cut that runs thru the target area, our original intent was to walk in a good distance up the pipeline and place it well away from the road. But due to spring rains the pipeline was flooded with water creating a large puddle, which we did not wish to wade thru at the time. So we settled for a location closer to the road,(perhaps 150ft off of the road) the puddle had created a peninsula with all sides surrounded except from the road. So we placed the box in a tree on the peninsula. On this recording something approached the box after crossing the water, if you listen carefully you will hear it as it runs thru/across the large puddle. The time for this was around 1AM, by this time we have moved to the South end of the research area and are setup to call blast about 1.5 miles away from this location, near the end of this recording you will hear us call blasting in the distance. Near the end you will hear the creature carefully prepare to re-cross the water then suddenly charge across. We would submit that a human would carefully and deliberately cross this puddle in the limited light of 1AM, whatever this was had a different style. We had passed this exact spot less than an hour prior to this and there were no cars in the area either then or later when we returned to base camp when we passed by the location again. In case you are wondering the distance between this box and the one above was 1.2 miles both of these were captured on the same night in the research area we are working in Louisiana.

10. Recorded in South Central Louisiana on 3-24-07 at 10:23PM

This night we dropped off 2 drop boxes in the South end of the target area at around 19:30 hours, our plan for the evening was to call blast from the North end starting at around 22:00 and if nothing was going on there we would come back to the South end and setup at some point after mid-night. While we were at location number one we captured something walking around and it would eventually come right to the box and begin pulling on it. The box itself was wedged between a tree and vine, which held it securely in place. In this recording you will here some tapping, which we at first thought was something tapping the microphone directly, however on a return visit to this spot we realized that what we were hearing tapped was a pipeline that runs above ground at this location. You will also hear some weird swishing sounds just before the pipe is rapped on. Right after this it turns its attention to the recorder box. Could it be human? We can't rule that out completely, here is what we know about the scenario regarding the odds of it being human, there were no cars parked along the roads for a person to be associated with, either at the drop time or when we did return later to the Southern location to call blast. This recorder was located close enough to the gravel road to hear if a vehicle would have driven up/past, this was listened for closely and not found in the recording. The recorder was situated about 20 yards off of an ATV trail, it was well after dark (approximately 10:20PM). Whatever this was hung around the area for over an hour and can be heard off in the distance walking around, after it left the box, occasionally breaking sticks as it moves.