First, let us just say, in spite of our page banner above, we don't know that these are caused by Bigfoot type creatures. Only that they happen in several different areas that we are researching and they have been happening outside of known human activity in the middle of the night, sometimes in very cold weather on private property. These areas are known for historical Bigfoot sightings and in order for these to happen at all requires something that can grasp a log, not something that the known fauna of the area can do. We are in very remote areas with restricted disclosure of our location, making a human hoaxing source unlikely. If you have heard these sounds before we would be interested in hearing your story. Please feel free to use the "Feedback form" at the bottom of this page.

New - Knock #1. This was recorded in a National Forest in Louisiana, at 12:45AM on the morning of 5-15-10. The recorder was placed on the side of a hill with a downward slope of about 35 degrees into a deep ravine. Though we had initially described this as rock clacking, it may in fact be something pounding with a stick. The area was filled with large rocks and deadfall covering much of the ground. This recorder started at 6:30PM and was checked for any sounds of human presence from the start time until 5AM when rain hit the area. No human related sounds were detected, no car door slams, no motor noise, no humans speaking or making any other noise was detected. In addition, when we returned the next morning to recover the recording gear no humans were in the area, and no sign of anyone setting up a camp after we had placed the recorder in this location the evening before.

New - Knock #2. Wood knock on ATV trail at 18:48hrs 3-12-10, this one was captured by a recorder that was situated near an ATV trail about 3/8ths mile from the closest road, the time of the event 6:48PM. This was about 5 minutes after two of the team members had completed deploying 3 audio recorders in the area and had returned to their vehicle and drove on to the next location.

New - Knock #3. Double wood knock on ATV trail at 21:18hrs 3-12-10, this is a rare (at least for us) double Wood Knock, and at very close range. This was recorded by the same recorder on the same night as recording number 2 above.

New - Knock #4. Wood Knock on ATV trail at 04:39hrs 3-13-10, another Wood Knock, captured by the same recorder as 2 & 3 above and at extremely close range. Time for this event is 4:39AM the next morning and is one of the clearest recording of a wood on wood knock that we have to date.

Knock #5 This was recorded in a remote research area on Louisiana WMA property at 1:20AM on the morning of 3-14-10. A recorder was placed along a trail about 300 yards from our base camp and happened to be fortuitously placed to capture this event. The second copy is from a Rode NT4 Microphone/Marantz PDM600 digital recorder that was setup in base camp. The event was heard by several team members that where still awake in their tents at this time and is the exact same location as event number 7 listed below where a knock was recorded in the middle of the night in February 09.

Knock #6 We visited private property on the weekend of September 11th-13th 2009, where a witness had reported having an incident back in 1992. We talked to the current property owner whom did not report anything unusual since he had owned the property, however, he did invite us to come out and setup camp on the property at a date of our choosing. We had deployed an array of audio recorders outside of base camp, along with additional recorders deployed North of our location along the river. After the rain on Saturday night had subsided we tried some wood knocks and manual calls but were unable to detect any replies and eventually we called it a night at 02:00hrs. At 04:47hrs Sunday morning the base camp recorders captured a wood knock event that had been heard by several of the team members while in their tents. On further examination we discovered another wood knock at one of the remote recorder locations on the opposite side of the river which was recorded at 03:00hrs Sunday morning.

Knock #7. This was recorded on the night/morning of 1-31/2-1-09 at 2:57AM by one of our researchers whom was camping alone in the field in one of our Louisiana research areas. He was the only person in the camp ground, and was asleep when this happened. This is yet another example of what should NOT be happening in the remote forests of this country according to conventional wisdom. That is, unless it can be assigned to human activity, in this case there was no known human presence for miles in any direction. This is not a woodpecker or deadfall, something with the ability to grasp a log produced this event.

Knock #8. This was recorded on private property in East Texas, date for this was May 4th, 2008. We were unable to camp in our usual base camp area at this time due to spring rains, the file contains 2 wood knocks recorded just before 1AM, this is the same property where we captured recordings number 10,11 and 12.

Knock #9. This one contains 1 very clear knock from an East Texas research area.

Knock #10. This was recorded on private property in East Texas, this has some cow vocals in it from across the Neches river, the knocks are heard after the cow vocals. Time for this was 3:08AM on February 10th 2008, the first knock is fairly close, the second one is distant and is faintly heard after the 2nd cow vocal.

Knock #11. This one contains 2 knocks, time was 4:29AM on February 10th 2008, the first one is close and is answered by another about 10 seconds later off in the distance.

Knock #12. This was recorded at 11:30PM on September 29th, 2007. This one is very interesting, this was from our first trip into private property that we are researching. We had split up into 3 teams with the call blast team stationed right on the Neches river, they were standing perhaps 80ft from the river behind a couple of our vehicles. They did not hear the water noise as something sounds to come up out of the water and then does a wood knock on a tree right there somewhere in the darkness along the bank. The team did respond with Camcorders and lights but could not locate the creature in the darkness.

Knock #13. This is the same event as above, however, we have taken the audio from both of the Parabolic dishes that were at this location and combined them. The left channel comes from the dish that was nearly head on to the source and the right channel is from another dish that was pointed approximately 110 degrees off to the South East of the source, this produces a nice effect that is best appreciated by use of headphones.

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