McCurtain County Oklahoma

McCurtain County, Oklahoma Bigfoot Research McCurtain County covers 1901 square miles and is located in the extreme southeastern corner of Oklahoma. The county has a population of 34,402, per the 2000 census. The county is bordered by the Kiamichi Mountain range to the north and by the Red River bottoms to the south. Two additional rivers Mountain Fork and Little River, run through the county. There are also a couple of lakes of note those being Broken Bow Lake and Pine Creek Lake. The county is a favorite of visitors from the neighboring states for its thriving Log Cabin and Bed and Breakfast lodging. McCurtain County is centered in an area that has been known for Sasquatch sightings for many years, if you visit the area you can appreciate the reasons why with the mountain ranges and river bottoms providing large areas with minimal human intrusion.

Sightings in McCurtain County

1. Couple has daylight sighting while driving - date of incident 10-01-09