September 25/26/27/28 2008 East Texas Outing

Click to enlarge We continue to work with interested local property owners in the East Texas who either have witnessed, experienced or suspect strange happenings on their property regarding unidentified wildlife. This outing was our first research visit to new personal property in East Texas. There were 4 of us out on this weekend, 2 researchers arrived and setup base camp on Thursday evening with the rest of us arriving on Friday. Audio recorders were setup and running along with several game camera's being placed before dark. Call broadcasting was initiated on Thursday night starting at 23:30hrs, with only some distant Coyotes responding. The 2 man team retired for the evening at 01:00hrs on Friday morning. Based on prior experience we have learned to look for events such as wood knocks as an litmus test to establish possible Sasquatch presence, it is expected that most people won't know about this phenomenon and only the team members and the property owner know that we are present and for what purpose. We figure that humans causing wood knock type sounds would be a rather rare event in the middle of the night on private property and in very remote areas. We also feel that it is a stretch to assign the ability to create a wood knock to the known fauna in the areas we research thus these should not happen unless they are human generated. On Thursday night/Friday morning we did record an event at 2:53AM on September 26th, this sounds very much like a wood knock but on closer inspection and compared to some known Beaver tail slaps we think that this event was a Beaver recorded in a nearby stretch of river. Click the link in the left column below to listen to these events.

On Friday we spent a good amount of time checking for hair along barbed wire fences, we collected about 20 hairs of various types to analyze later and based on appearance it looked like the likely source for most of them were hog and/or equine. For Friday night we tried a few light whoop calls, but mostly just spent the night listening for vocals or wood knocks.

In new research areas we look for things that are out of place, the following is an example, on Saturday we found some discarded old oil pipes which had been sitting off the side of a jeep path, the pipes had been there for some time had rusted and had vines growning around them, etc. The pipes are easily 50 feet long and weigh in excess of 300lbs, we found several pipes had been moved into the jeep path as if someone had the intention of using them to block the trail. A small tree had been broken and one of the 300lbs pipes was used to hold it down. While the pipes being out of place isn't proof of anything, we are pretty sure that the oil workers wouldn't leave these pipes in this location and we know that the property owners couldn't move these without some type of mechanical help. We have provided a link below to the wood knock audio and pictures of the area. We will be making a return visit to this property in the future.

Audio of the suspected Beaver tail slap recorded on the morning of Friday 9-26-08 at 2:53AM. This was captured using a Rode NT-4 microphone which sends the signal to a Marantz PMD 660 digital recorder, this combination is used primarily for recording within 100ft of base camp. See the pictures to the right of this setup in the field.

Rode NT-4 Mic
Mic Stand
Marantz Recorder
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One of many water sources
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Camped on the River
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Pipes blocking road
Huge Spider Web