Freestone County, Texas

Date: 04/23/2010

Weather: Strong Storms West of the location moving toward the East

Time: 11:00PM

Nearest City: Cayuga

State: Texas

Highway: Hwy 287, at Trinity River Bridge

Nearby water source: Trinity River and Richland Chambers Lake

What happened: Another researcher and myself had been sitting at the deepest point in the Northern unit of the Richland Creek WMA, at about 10:30PM we decided to leave as the weather was getting closer. As we pulled out of the WMA, my research partner turned right to go to his home in Ennis, I turned left to go back to my home in Malakoff. There was no traffic on the highway coming in either direction toward me or behind me, so I hit my bright lights. As I approched the Trinity River Bridge, I noticed something that at first I thought was a tree on the right hand side of the road (south) and I remember thinking that I didnt remember a tree being that close to the edge of the road....and as soon as that thought hit me.....This dark figure started walking across the highway. It was moving with purpose, not running, but it wasn't walking with a slow gate. It crossed the road and both shoulders in 3 - 4 steps.

It never looked at me as I approched and I would say that by the time it reached the north side of the road I was within 40 yards of it. I crossed the bridge and turned around and drove back to the spot that it crossed and tried to see if I could see anything moving but it was just to dark.

Terrain: Wildlife Management Area

Activities: We were sitting in the back part of the WMA, had done a few call blasts, and some tree knocks....had no activity to speak off.

Any Prior Sightings: Yes there are several reports on various sites in and around this very area.

Any sound: Was driving so didn't hear anything in this incident.

Odors: None

Any farms nearby: Yes a couple of miles to the east there seems to be a few ranches and farms.

Witness provided evidence, photos or drawings: No photos were captured during this incident.

Investigator Report:

A return visit was conducted the next day to check for any residual evidence that might have been left at the crossing point. However, due to a extremely strong storm system that passed through this area around 1AM on the morning of April 24th any tracks that might have been there the night before had washed away. The area has a long history of sightings and is why the team was working in the area on the night in question.

Recent research outings in the area had produced some possible tracks and some as yet unidentified vocals. As a result of this most recent sighting the TexLa group will be spending more time in the WMA in the near future. Any additional context for this report such as photos of the crossing point, etc. will be posted below.