Henderson County, Texas

Date: 02/09/2008

Weather: clear and cool night

Time: 2:30 - 3:00AM

Nearest City: Larue

State: Texas

Highway: HWY 607.

Nearby water source: Yes a pond on the left side of road and from where the creature was standing in the road.

What happened: I was coming home from a teacher's "lock in" and I had not been drinking. I saw the red eyes first and I thought who is that in the road it looked just like a redish brown hairy man! Then I started rationalizing maybe deer, hog, cow. But it was standing upright staring at me. When I got closer the thing looked at me and walked slowly and disappeared into the woods. I turned my 4x4 Suburban around and went back and did not see anything. I got out of car and looked where the "thing" had been standing, I noticed in the ditch on the other side the grass was laying down as if something had walked through. I was afraid to go to the other side. Could not sleep that night. I am an Science teacher so I had to rationalize everything so I set my alarm and went back down the road and looked again. Nothing.

Since early March my son's two yellow labs, and my house dog would bark furiously. I thought deer, hogs. When I turned on the outside light the outside cat shot in and the house dog would not go out. All of the dogs were growling in a very unfriendly way. This has happened about once every other night. I stepped out the door one evening for our 2:30ish to 3:30 ritual and I heard a screaming noise kind of like a dying rabbit, the sound was loud and sounded like high and low pitch vocal cords, I could not figure out the sound. Since then we have heard groans and screeches not on a nightly basis but multiple times during the week. Same thing dog will not go out and cat tries to get in! Very weird situation.

Terrain: Wooded Private Property

Activities: Driving home and singing in my car. Reflecting about the how much fun we had, not expecting or looking for anything!

Any Prior Sightings: I do not know of any other people, however, most are apprehensive to say a word. Just as I am. I have talked to another friend around the corner and she said she claimed she saw a wolf.

Any sound: No, silent but remember I had my music up really loud and there was no way I could have heard the "thing".

Odors: No was in car.

Any farms nearby: I live in an very woodsy, swamp area with hills and my ground is sugar sand. Ranching and farming around me, very rural area.

Witness provided evidence, photos or drawings: None provided from this incident.

Investigator Report:

One of the investigators had spoken with this person some time back, and gave him a call to check up on him and see if anything new had happened around his house. The incident listed above was submitted by his wife, she was returning home from a late night school function and came upon something in the road. The investigator went to their home expecting to stay about 45 minutes and ended up spending 2 1/2 hours interviewing the couple regarding the events that are described above. We are planning to do a research outing in this area soon and will update this report with new details it we have anything of importance to add.