Anderson County, Texas

Anderson County, Texas Bigfoot Research Anderson County is located in East Texas between the Trinity and the Neches rivers. The county's center lies at 9536' west longitude and 3147' north latitude. Anderson County consists of 1,077 square miles or 689,280 acres. The county is partly in the Texas Claypan area and partly in the East Texas Timberlands of the Southern Coastal Plains. Almost half of the soil is Fuquay-Kirvin-Darco, deep, sandy, and loamy. The 66,000 acres in the western Claypan area are used mainly for pasture. The Timberlands are used mostly for pasture and woodland. Many varieties of timber grow abundantly, including red oak, post oak, white oak, pecan, walnut, hickory, elm, ash, and pine. The soil also supports a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The terrain is hilly and slopes to the Trinity and Neches rivers, with an elevation of between 198 and 624 feet above sea level. The entire eastern area of the county is bordered by the Neches and is drained by Hurricane Creek, Lone Creek, and Brushy Creek. The western area is bordered by the Trinity River and is drained by Massey Lake, Mansion Creek, and Keechie Creek. Rainfall averages about 40.5 inches annually.

Incident reports for Anderson County

1. Two young men are bluff charged while catfishing at night - date of incident 10-92

2. A large group of hunters are spooked by unidentified vocals - date of incident 11-28-01